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Post by Jessie on Mon Dec 07, 2009 10:21 am

I was in school, And we had a computer period, I chose one and started checking out my msn,facebook,Myspace and all, And then i realised that someone was going to share with me,
so i unplugged the computer's screen and ran it off.
the next day we had the same computer period i went to check did they find out, And then
there was no monitor, i asked the teacher "Hey, Where's the monitor? o_o" And then she replied
"Last day, The monitor wasn't working.. so we threw it." "me: Did you check the plug?" "Oh hun,
Just go to your friend's place and share"

The other day my friend told me "I'm a pro at computers and my computer rocks" , and im like "Oh Really May i ask you some questions?(:" He replied "Sure."

Me: How much RAM does your pc have?
Him: Haha. I don't have RAM.
Me: o_o. You NEED ram.
Him: Not really, You still need alot to learn son.
Me: Oh okay Alright.[LOLOL]
Me: How many Users do you have?
Him: 48.
Me: Wtf. Why.
Him: Idk. man.
Me: O_O
Explaination; He thought the "Processes" Is how many users you have.(:
Me:How much space do you have in your pc?
Him: 692m
Me: wtf.
Him: Haha.
Me: Alright last question, Which windows are you on?
Him: Lol. Windows?
Me: Yeah...
Him: Lol. I don't have windows. execpt in my room.
Me: Okay..

[It's not me btw, i got it from some website. xD]

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Something to read. Empty Re: Something to read.

Post by Donut Person on Tue Dec 08, 2009 11:22 am

LMAO xDD that retard :3
Donut Person
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